Where are the goodies, cupcake?

Hey, can y’all believe that Sara Coleman, owner of Raleigh’s Cupcake Shoppe, showed up to introduce President Obama yesterday without cupcakes? OK, so the guy is no Bill Clinton – Obama looks like he has about one percent body fat – but what a chance to come up with a special Obama cupcake. Hope For Chocolate, perhaps, with Time For Change Coconut icing?  Stimulus Streusel? Ideas?

If I’m the leader of the free world, and you’re introducing me, you better have at least a dozen cupcakes on you. Preferably containing bacon.

I'm baaacccck!

Yes, I’m still alive. I know you’ve missed me. About five weeks ago, I fell and broke my left wrist and pinkie finger, and sprained my left ankle, resulting in surgery on the wrist and the installation of much metal. And to answer the single most popular question from my friends: No, alcohol was not involved. I’m now working with 1 3/4 hands, but still can’t drive. If you’re within my reach and I haven’t bummed a ride from you yet, believe me, your time is coming.

Recently came a time I have longed for all summer, as I watched the tomato plants on my patio grow and spread. As I called a gardening neighbor mere days after The Incident and begged him to water my tomatoes, and to show my husband how to properly do it. Surgery, therapy and not being able to drive is one thing, but I was not going to lose my tomatoes to this damn wrist. I’ve been anticipating through the plants outgrowing their metal cages, and having to summon my neighbor again to tie them to the tallest things I could find: Four-foot-tall metal citronella patio torches.

I’ve been nibbling the small Sweet 100s for some weeks, but the big Bush Champions finally went from green to red. About the same time, my order of four pounds of bacon from Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams arrived. The stars aligned, BLT time. I construct them the same way each time, starting with lightly toasted white bread and Duke’s mayo. Don’t even show me Hellmann’s, and Miracle Whip is an abomination with which I would not insult my lovely ‘maters. Then layer as follows: lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, tomatoes, bacon, lettuce. I use 2 1/2 to 3 slices of bacon total, depending on how hoggish I’m feeling.

I’ve had two heavenly indulgences, so far, and am exploring the healing powers of BLTs. Aren’t there antioxidants in tomatoes?